Pamitra INDURO 2017, is the 3rd round of INDURO 2017, will be held at Mt Ringgit, Pandaan, East java on 6-7 May 2017. Total contested prize is Rp. 63 million and some additional prizes from sponsors. This event also provides an extraordinary doorprizes, including Frame Patrol 617 and so many more.

Pamitra INDURO 2017 registration fee is Rp. 300,000, the enrollment period began on 27 March – 1 May 2017.

The following is a list of Pamitra INDURO 2017 confirmation format in:

1. for participants who are already having an ID race (Race Plate)
Direct transfer to:

Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Account Number: 680.051.3632
by the name of WISNU ADILAKSANA.

with a 3-digit of license race plate behind
confirmation format after transfer

PlatNo#nama#Jumlah transfer

example :
AT. Wiryawan Race Plat 001
transfer Rp 300.001


send WA / SMS to 08170729020

2. For participants who do not have a serial number in the Race please register as follows,
Registration is done online or whatsapp / SMS (as of 13. January 2017) just via the web: click register, or through the “Find Tickets” on Facebook eventpage ( or go directly to the url:
Registration through SMS or Whatsapp please type:

NAMA#ID Number KTP/SIM/Passport#email addres#Nama Team#Kelas yang diikuti#CONTACT Emergency Name#CONTACT Emergency number

Send SMS / WA to: 08170729020

Class that competed were:
Non Calculated Point:
1. Junior Under 18 years

Calculated Point:
1. Open Women: Age 17 Above
2. Men Elite / Pro: Professionally trained athlete / ex-athlete, minimal’ve been representing local sports week.
3. Men Open: Amateur riders, age 18 and up.
4. Master Men A: age 30-39
5. Master Men B: age 40-49
6. Men Master C: age 50 and up

For security reasons the bike uses front suspension with a minimum travel is 140 mm (120 mm is allowed but is not recommended)